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Welcome to the Higher Education Quality Committee Accreditation System

Users of the HEQC-online System may choose a preferred URL to access the HEQC-online system. Both URLs provide access to the same system. The Internet Access Status (below) will indicate which URL(s) are currently available.

Please bookmark this page, and not the subsequent pages, as this page (http://heqc-online.che.ac.za) acts as a redirect to the online system.

If your preferred link is down, you will not be able to select it, and should use an alternative URL (link).

* Please note that institutions that are on the Tertiary Educational Network (TENET) should experience faster results in utilising the system via the TENET URL. Institutions with domains (websites/emails) ending in .ac.za are part of the TENET network. This is the preferred option for most institutions.